Production Supervisor -Jigs & Fixture Development


 The supervisor will be mainly responsible for the development of Jigs and Fixtures for our existing as well as new products. He has to supervise day to day production process in the organization and works closely with the Operations Manager by providing timely and qualified support to the employee’s needs and requirements. Good knowledge of Tooling material, welding and machining process are desirable.

Minimum 5 years experience in Steel Fabrication Industry

Education: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Location : Jebel Ali

Salary: 10K - 14K


.Operates from a narrow scope of responsibility to ensure that requirements of Jigs, Fixtures and Tooling for our 

 existing products are adequate and comply with product and process requirements. 

∙Plans and executes on time, development of the jigs, Fixtures and Tooling for new products. 

∙Standardize and improves the manufacturing process with Focus on WASTE Elimination. 

∙Ensure Safety Compliance and Quality of products. 

∙Works closely with the maintenance team to ensure that Predictive and Preventive maintenance is done on time. 

∙Oversees the accomplishment of assigned work through subordinate lead assemblers. 

∙Plan work makes assignments and trains new employees as per Manager’s instruction. 

∙Provide on-the-job training for production employees in all areas of their job duties. 

∙Reports discrepancies in blueprints, specifications, methods, engineering data, standards, etc., to the production manager.

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